THRIVE Sports and Entertainment


Give your employees and fans the confidence they need to get back to live experiences.

Your fans are awaiting the news for when they can tailgate at the next home game and when they can plan out their next concert. The problem is understanding what that looks like in this new way of being and how to make sure your employees are prepared to keep themselves, fans, and your property safe. This challenge is an opportunity to THRIVE — to regain momentum and get back to business.

Digital training to help you reopen safely.

We need to be there for our community — and it starts with the frontline workers. These employees, whether they be new or existing, need to be trained on re-entering the workforce. 

By participating in the THRIVE Sports and Entertainment, your frontline workers, staff, and contractors have the opportunity to learn and truly be educated with relevant, COVID-compliant content. In turn, you’ll be taking steps to protect your business from the repercussions of the new COVID state of being.


Designed to build trust.

The community mentality of the THRIVE program is about building trust. Trust that our platform can provide the necessary tools to help your property. Trust that doing this type of preparation builds confidence in the fans and show that your property is taking this new normal seriously.

Benefits of the THRIVE training program

COVID Compliance Training

Regularly updated to reflect any changes to state rules and regulations.

Data and Analytics

Track, measure, and compile employee data in near real time to demonstrate your property is safe.

Web or Mobile Device Access

Digital delivery of training that allows you to reach your employees easily before they come back to work.

Marketing and Communications Support

Provided materials to make your onboarding experience quick and seamless.

Want to learn more?

Drop us a line to see how THRIVE Sports and Entertainment can help your property.

Empowering learners Together

We’re excited to announce that we are now a part of the Axonify family. To all of those who have supported the MLevel journey, we thank you!  Here’s to the next chapter and to furthering data-driven learning.