For the past few months, we have been providing content to our customers and community to support this behavioral shift for our country. Content varies from how to stay healthy and safe, how to transition to a work from home environment, and most importantly, mental well-being during this time.  

MLevel is a small business, a team, and most importantly, a family — a family that recognizes that there needs to be a balance in how we are talking with our customers and community in the NOW, but also mindful of where we are going.

In the state of Louisiana, that journey is beginning. Many restaurants across the state are starting to reopen. The workforce mentality has to have a shift in  mindset on how they engage with their customers, keeping socially distant and COVID compliant.


MLevel developed a self-service platform in partnership with the Louisiana Restaurant AssociationDash Hospitality Group, and Michele Stumpe, a partner at Taylor English Duma LLP, that allows small businesses in the Restaurant Hospitality sector (up to 500 employees) to educate and train their employees on re-entry into the workforce FREE FOR 10 WEEKS.


Our community needs to come together through this and we have the product to support those in need. We are paying it forward to help flatten the curve. 

If you have questions, email us at

Partners of THRIVE

Terms & Conditions

  1. Business must be Headquartered in the State of Louisiana 
  2. Business must not have greater then 500 employees 
  3. Business must be either a retail establishment or restaurant to participate 
  4. MLevel portal, content and reporting will be provided as is free of charge for 10 weeks  
  5. Any requested content changes to existing training will be charged at $99 per hour 
  6. Access to MLevel content authoring studio not available to participants during this 10 week period but can be added for an additional charge 
  7. Business must provide MLevel with all employee information required post program 
  8. Post initial 10 week free period participating business will be provided on a monthly subscription to all interested parties
  9. MLevel will provide completion reporting on all participants 
  10. MLevel will provide a certificate to be displayed onsite at facility to show customers your business has been MLevel certified 
  11. MLevel is only providing content & use of its platform. MLevel is not responsible for the implementation of best practices by the participating business