IHG Case Study

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) is a global company including nine hotel brands in nearly 100 countries. Their vision is to become one of the great companies in the world by creating Great Hotels Guests Love. The company values its talented people, and quality is important. They were interested in exploring ways to innovate on existing training for members of the Quality Team and improve on the consistency and knowledge base of their employees.


IHG elected to use the MLevel learning platform to provide cutting-edge, game-based mobile training to their Quality Team. The team that was selected for this training is located in North and Latin America, and each Quality Consultant is responsible for maintaining quality standards at the various IHG hotel properties where they serve, up to as many as 60-70 hotels each. The team director had two goals for the program: to engage the Quality Consultants to participate in training and enjoy it, and then to measure knowledge by assessing where they started out vs. what they knew/learned after training via MLevel.


Engagement – did the Quality Consultants participate?
The MLevel training mission was released to the learners as an adjunct to instructor-led training. It was optional for the consultants to participate; yet an overwhelming 96% of the team did. And they didn’t just participate, they engaged, playing the short learning games on average 26 times each. When asked about their motivation to play, 64% of the participants wanted to increase their knowledge and skill of brand standards, and 29% were motivated by their love of competition and wanting to be the best.

Engagement – did the Quality Consultants enjoy the game-based mobile training?

Through a survey for the consultants, we learned that 100% of the participants are interested in using games for learning in future program/process roll-outs, and that 9.2 times out of 10, the participants would recommend MLevel to a colleague. And in answering the question about whether they had fun playing MLevel, the result was a score of 4.4 out of 5.

Knowledge – did the Quality Consultants increase their knowledge of quality standards by engaging with the MLevel mission?

Without having previous baseline data on where knowledge about hotel standards stood for the group, knowledge was tracked within the mission itself in order to see if Quality Consultants increased their knowledge after their first interaction with additional game play. Because MLevel records all mission data, we are able to see that knowledge accuracy scores on early game plays are lower, and then increase the more the games are played, up to a point. The Standards mission included 3 different game types, and peak performance was achieved at the eleventh game play for one game type and at the eighteenth game play for the other 2 game types. The first time a game was played was consistently the lowest score, and then as knowledge increased, scores improved. On average across the group, playing the games as many as 11 and 18 times (depending on the game type) helped increase knowledge accuracy, showing that playing multiple times did in fact increase their knowledge and understanding of the given topic. In addition to this data, the consultants provided feedback saying how playing the games improved their knowledge.

Overall, the program was a success! The Quality Consultants not only engaged with the MLevel training, but they truly enjoyed using the new platform. Their understanding of hotel standards improved, so both the consultants and their managers were happy with the results. A few comments from the participants show how they felt about the MLevel training program:

“I want more.”
“Love it!!!! Hotels should be required to learn standards this way.”
“I liked it. I am not a game person, this was FUN!!!”
“Enjoyed the knowledge section that went along with it. Overall very helpful. I will never forget the order of the butter and pancake syrups.”
IHG has since refreshed the mission with updated content, and they are working on new missions for this group and others.

Empowering learners Together

We’re excited to announce that we are now a part of the Axonify family. To all of those who have supported the MLevel journey, we thank you!  Here’s to the next chapter and to furthering data-driven learning.