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MLevel & Etech Global Services announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Training in the Contact Center Industry

Today, MLevel announced a strategic partnership with Etech’s QEval software that will revolutionize the way contact center employees are trained. The integration of these cutting-edge solutions will enable companies to capture results from customer interactions and deliver targeted training in real-time to detect any knowledge or performance gaps identified during the customer experience.  

“Our mission at MLevel has always been to deliver training that is based on employee performance. Through this integration with QEval, we will now be able to do so in real-time,” said Jordan Fladell, CEO of MLevel. “With the ability to deliver this solution during a time of massive digital transformation and the explosion of work-from-home agents, we will enable our customers and partners to improve their customer experience and satisfaction.” 

QEval, Etech’s quality monitoring platform is an intelligent and strategic solution designed for contact centers that meet the stringent demands of quality, compliances and other statutory requirements. Through the integration with MLevel, the software will now be able to deliver training based on agent performance with Artificial Intelligence. Once the agent completes their calls, the system will automatically review the customer interaction and deliver targeted training to improve performance for their next call. The integration of these two solutions will help organizations adapt to a completely digital workplace.  

“The new partnership between QEval and MLevel has allowed us to change the way contact centers create a 360-degree agent experience,” said Jim Iyoob, Chief Customer Officer of Etech. “By using our coaching technology and analytical insights, the system can automatically assign training modules from MLevel’s digital learning platform and truly allow agents to learn within the flow of work. Coaching has always been a manual process, but the ability to automate will increase efficiency!” 

Explore the partnership offering here:

About QEval: QEval is an intelligent, customizable contact center quality monitoring solution and agent performance management tool. QEval provides a suite of real-time reports and training notifications to our users allowing them to have greater insight and visibility into their program that goes beyond the antiquated days of simply “checking a box.” QEval serves as your comprehensive solution to achieve a consistent and effortless customer experience for your customers. 

About Etech: Etech is a servant leader organization providing superior customer experiences and innovative solutions which enable our clients to build stronger brands, strengthen customer relationships and gain market share. Etech provides service as a solution; handling customer contacts, delivering business insights through Etech Insights (E.I.) and technology solutions through Etech Technology Solutions (ETS).

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