Is your Instructor Led Training Agile?

Is Your Instructor Led Training Agile?

Agile is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily. Of course, everything from software development to project management is agile these days, yes, even learning – but it’s limited to the learning creation side of the business. As technology has evolved in the training space, we as learning professionals now have an opportunity to make our instructor led training (ILT) – be it virtual or in person – agile as well.

Why does this matter?

This is a great question and one I have pondered for the past few months since we introduced our new analytics suite and presented our customers with a whole new level of data. That’s great and exciting but as with anything truly new we eventually found ourselves answering the question, “What exactly do I do with this?”

I have spoken to many industry analysts and experts such as Donald Taylor, Karl Kapp, Bob Mosher and countless others in search of just that answer. While my dream is that one day our data will drive impactful ROI analysis, the fact of the matter is the world of learning isn’t prepared to make that leap yet.

What they are ready for is better ILT experiences.

ILT is very expensive, but conventional wisdom says that having a teacher presenting content and answering questions from students generally leads to a better outcome. ILT is more effective because of that interaction between the student and teacher and the students with each other. Once a student asks a question it makes the environment a more intimate one that is highly personalized as the teacher fills the knowledge gap that exists for that pupil.

An unfortunate reality is that even with that interaction there are those students who will never raise their hand and take that leap.

What if you could gather data on your students in those ILT sessions in near real-time allowing instructors to pivot on content or address individuals’ challenges in a less intrusive way then requiring the student to raise their hand? Wouldn’t you then be taking your ILT into an agile state?

To be honest it wasn’t a problem we were trying to solve @mLevel with the release of our upgraded analytics platform. Nevertheless, it has become the most popular use case since its launch. Instructors are now using @mLevel to give students quizzes, assessments, etc., in the forms of games and simulations at breaks and throughout their session. Once the students engage the data begins to flow and the instructor can see exactly what students are struggling to understand and adjust their curriculum and plan for the day accordingly. I added a few screen shots below from our demo environment to show you a sample of the insights they are seeing so you can see for yourself the power that is now in their hands.

Shouldn’t your ILT be Agile?

Screen Shots

General Knowledge Overview – See how learners are performing on your topics!

Drilling in to a specific topic – How are learners responding to all your questions? 

Drilling into a specific question – Is it the question construct, the answers or the content?


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