Protect Your Company from Future Cybersecurity Attacks

More Cybersecurity Attacks are Coming: How to Easily Protect Your Company

We all know the next big cybersecurity attack is around the corner.

Last week saw great stress put on global business due to a variety of attacks, predominantly via ransomware attack being called Petya that attempted to lock user computers until payment was made. This comes on the heels of another attack, WannaCry, that generated headlines but was deemed a “failure” based on the (relatively) small amounts of money lost.

The map below shows the estimated reach of the incidents. The industries targeted were wide-ranging and created significant disruption to their day-to-day operations. The most interesting feedback from the security community is the belief that this attack was not generated for financial profit (as the original Petya was) but for pure destruction of data. This is a new, and arguably more impactful, attack vector for business as it strikes at the ultimate value of most businesses – their data.

where business has been disrupted by cyberattack

More often now, individual systems (laptops, desktops) are being targeted alongside the traditional IT infrastructure spaces. The person on the receiving end of these intrusions are likely not deeply immersed in the technology world and may not appreciate the methods of cybercriminal exploits. Information sharing, password reuse, and other security concepts are not in the immediate thought process of the normal business user but have tremendous potential for harm.

The clear direction to take from these incidents is that each business needs to educate their workforce on the importance of cybersecurity. Battling these attacks can often be swept aside as an “IT issue” but L&D and business leaders would be wise to leverage their influence to build basic knowledge across all levels of their company. Unfortunately many organizations take an “it won’t happen to me attitude” until it is too late.

Because mLevel is dedicated to meeting our customer’s ever-changing needs we are putting forth a fully built offering of Cyber Security Awareness & Training. The content provided is accessible to non-technology minded users and will impart clear, concise actions to help protect them from future targeting.

Cyber Security Awareness and Training
The mLevel Cyber Security Awareness & Training mission contains a video and five activities to increase learner’s knowledge of potential threats. But don’t just take our word for it, use the on board analytics and reporting to get accurate data on which employees are prepared and which are not. Create competitions via the leaderboard and measure real time engagement with the content.

Protection for your company starts as low as $0.06/employee.

Our Cyber Security Training course:

Cyber Security Awareness and Training Activities

  • Knowledge Navigator provides a flash card based introduction to the topic. The threat landscape, key topics, and how these relate to business are covered.
  • Fast Lane then introduces gamification to the user as they go on a drive through major cities and test their knowledge. This activity provides real-time feedback to a user on their performance and allows a fun bit of interaction as they compete with co-workers.
  • Check Point is a location based activity where the user is challenged to complete multiple rounds to extend their travel. This activity is time based, so the user has additional incentive for quick recall of the material.
  • Ice Breaker is another gamification element providing fast-paced questions to the user to drive home the topics covered.
  • Assessment is just that; a gauge of your learner’s understanding using a combination of our available question types and configurations.

The content shared in the mLevel Cyber Security Awareness & Training mission will make users more knowledgeable of the threats that exist and provide simple ways to mitigate those threats. The danger to companies continues to grow and it is only through continued, focused learning that we will overcome the challenges presented to us as leaders.

Be safe out there!

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