When Choosing your Smartphone, Does your OS matter?

It is clear that smartphones are changing the way we live, as the access to information and people has never been easier.  The question is: does it matter whether you have an iPhone, Android device, Windows phone 8 or Blackberry?  Well, from my point of view, it certainly does – especially as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon takes hold in corporations across the world.  You should consider the following elements when making your smartphone choice:

1)   What is your company’s strategy on mobile applications? Companies today are working feverishly to deliver applications to your phone in order to allow you to be more productive. If your company already has apps available, make sure to review what phones they are designed to work with as it will make your life easier, and isn’t that why you bought the smartphone in the first place?

2)   Does your company use a mobile device management solution? Not all phones are created equal. In the future phones will allow you to create multiple profiles on each device based upon login, and if your company requires you to install a mobile device management solution on your phone, you may want to consider getting one where that is in the roadmap. Why learn a new operating system if you don’t have to?

3)   Does your company allow you to access email, calendar, etc. remotely? If the answer is no, it likely means you are a ways away from getting apps or other tools to make your day better. This means buy whichever phone you like. Oh, and maybe consider looking for a new job, as your company might not be around for much longer.

4)   Do you want to be able to do work on your phone? If the answer is no, then get whatever device you want but make sure you think it through since switching devices later can be costly and accessories don’t match up for each device. If the answer is yes, take a moment to think through what you want to do. Is it all about app usage or accessing Excel, Word or PowerPoint?  If the latter, clearly Win8 is the way to go. But if it is all about apps, see point #1 and check with your IT team on platforms they plan to support in the immediate future.

5)   Are you willing to carry a personal device as well as a work one? I see this everyday in corporate America and it makes me giggle, but hey if you want to do it, have at it. If it was me, I would just live with the work phone as who wants to carry the extra weight around?

6)   Are you a gamer?  If you play Xbox and love it, get a Windows device, as the integration of these two platforms is world class. I don’t have an Xbox, but I have seen how this works, and it is awesomesauce!

Remember this is one man’s point of view and I am sure there are many others, but I spend everyday talking about mobility in the workplace and it is clear that the smartphone you choose matters!

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