In-Aisle Learning with Home Depot

Featuring Brandon Carson, Director of Learning at Home Depot, Ricardo Mejia, Learning Technology Director at Home Depot, and Jordan Fladell, CEO at mLevel.

Interested in microlearning in the retail space? Join us Wednesday, December 13 to discover Home Depot’s pilot learning program, “In-Aisle Learning with Home Depot.”

Unlike previous disruptions, mobile devices have spread quickly and transformed our society quicker than any other technology. Increasingly workers must learn new skills, innovate and create quicker, and increase their performance while absorbing rapid change in how they communicate and collaborate to get their work done. To accelerate our associates’ product knowledge, Home Depot is moving training to the floor. In this case study of a pilot program, we will present Home Depot’s mobile “in-aisle” learning app and discuss the challenges and opportunities we’ve discovered on our journey to present on-demand learning in the aisle!

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