Corporate Solutions

Learning programs aren’t broken, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make them better. And that’s what mLevel is all about. mLevel is a microlearning solution that produces more effective learning outcomes by improving knowledge retention and skill application.

With mLevel, you gain a measurable understanding of what your learners do and don’t know by leveraging highly interactive learning activities to promote lasting results. mLevel helps learners elevate their knowledge and skills through an engaging learning experience that promotes rapid time to performance.

  • Significantly improve learner engagement
  • Measurably improve learning effectiveness and retention
  • Reduce learning development and deployment time by 80%

Become a Partner

mLevel’s partner program offers a series of options designed to provide consulting firms, trainers, authors and publishers the ability to increase the value they deliver to their customers while simultaneously growing revenue. Our unique microlearning platform was developed to make it easy and cost effective to deploy highly effective training regardless of the content or audience. Opportunities to leverage mLevel with your clients are nearly endless and range from advisory services, instructional design, training rollout, and value-added data analytics using mLevel’s rich analytics engine.

  • License your content to mLevel and receive commission for each unit sold by our sales team
  • Resell mLevel technology to complement your current training offerings and create new revenue streams.
  • Refer organizations interested in licensing mLevel and get a commission