The User Interface

What Your Learners Experience

  • Think: short, bite-sized information delivered in fun and engaging activities
  • Our platform will ignite employee’s competitive spirit with leaderboards, stars, and badges
  • Learners will get instant feedback on their efforts
  • Retention levels will increase via the game-based activities

Easy Authoring Tool

Creating Your Missions

  • Creating and maintaining microlearning modules has never been easier.
  • With mLevel, create your missions in days or weeks, not months or years.
  • When your training content changes, update it within minutes or hours. Keep up with the pace of change.

Performance Analytics

How To Analyze the Results

  • Our robust analytics engine allows you to see learner data by course, topic, or question
  • Drill down into each question, user group, or individual users
  • Real-time data allows for quick reinforcement and coachable moments with your learners

All the Features You Need

Learning increases when content is broken up into bite-sized chunks.


game-based activitiesGAMIFICATION
Keep your employees engaged by utilizing our game-based activities.


Real-time analytics gives you insight into what your employees understand.

Use your branding, colors, logo, and more.


Encourage light competition with leaderboards, stars, and badges.


17 learning activities 17 ACTIVITIES
Choose from 17 different micro learning activities when building your mission.

Your package comes with email and/or phone support with our support team.


single sign on SINGLE SIGN-ON
Upgrade your package to receive single sign-on abilities.


Contact us for API integration options.

How mLevel Fits Into Your Training Program

Optimize Your Current Solution

Many mLevel success stories come from supplementing your existing training program with our powerful tool. Bridge the gap between traditional training and on-the-job performance by allowing learners to come back to training at any time for reinforcement.

Use mLevel as your Primary Training Program

Our platform is robust and can uphold your entire training program. Utilize up to 17 different formats of training, including video, quizzes, games, and more.

3 Ways to Find Success With mLevel


Already have training content, but want to see it in a gamified solution?

Use mLevel Studio to build your own training courses. It’s easy: format and upload your content, publish, and assign training to users.


Need an industry-specific training to implement now? We have several off-the-shelf training courses ready to go.

Pick how many users you want to train and select the package that’s right for you. We’ll send you login information so you can start learning.


Develop your mLevel mission and send it out to learners in need. This program is popular for higher education publishers, corporate consultants, and more.

A Closer Look at Gamification

Discover some of our most popular game-based activities

Why Gamification Works:

  • Learners will absorb information through games that are short in length, shutting out distraction
  • Leaderboards encourage friendly competition between cohorts, causing employees to keep playing until they achieve the best comprehension score
  • Employees get instant feedback while playing so they know exactly what information needs reviewing

Let’s tackle the learning challenge

Corporate Solutions

Produce lasting learning outcomes by improving knowledge retention and skill application through a measurable learning experience that promotes rapid time to performance.

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