Learning Analytics That Moves Beyond Completion Data

Introducing a learning analytics tool that will change the way your employees are trained.

mLevel’s Performance Analytics is the industry-leading learning analytics platform. With intuitive visual data representation and the ability to drill down into every detail, your L&D reporting will extend beyond completion data.

Capture every detail.

drill down into details

Drill down into specific:

  • Courses
  • Topics
  • Questions
  • Cohorts
  • and Individuals

Analyze individual user scorecards & activity, and measure impact and understanding, not “time served.”

Create coachable moments.

Easily see points of misunderstanding at an overview, group, or individual level.

Use data to formulate reinforcement around areas of need and to create personalized coachable moments.

Both the learner and company benefit from a deeper understanding of knowledge gaps and gains.

create coachable moments

Drive improved performance with adaptive learning.

adaptive learning

Pinpointing individual and group misunderstanding makes it easier to assign specific reinforcement courses to specific users at the time of need.

This is the future of learning.

The power of learner data... is what you do with it.

drill down

The mLevel Learning Solution:

more in less time


Build training in hours or days, not weeks or months. Our authoring tool is completely templated and requires no coding.



mLevel breaks up your training content into short, digestible bits of information presented in game-based activities.



Data is the core of our platform. Your learner information is always updated automatically and in real-time.