Helpful Tips for Supporting Your New Way of Working.

There’s no real formula for handling the COVID-19 pandemic; we’re all having to find solutions and find them fast. Still, MLevel is here for you as you navigate these new waters of a completely digital workplace. We’ve compiled various resources for you to make that adaption as smooth as possible, so that you can focus on what matters. Remember: we’re in it together — to keep moving forward with learning, to help you and your employees during this time, and keep business going. Keep coming back as we will continue to add new content. #heretohelp

We partnered with Microsoft Teams and created this quick, free introduction module to help you understand the basics of Teams and all the good it can do as an education tool.

If we’re going to be cooped up in our homes for a while, we can find ways to make it easier. Get access to the MLevel Platform and explore activities designed for this time of need.

Video guides for deep linking and embedding the MLevel Platform with your existing tools.

We partnered with Dr. Brinen of Drexel University to cover the mental health aspect of COVID-19 and how to approach the isolation and anxiety. You’re not alone in this.