How Our Training Will Protect Your Company


With the most up-to-date cybersecurity information, your employees will learn everything they need to avoid an attack:

  • Avoid social engineering attacks
  • Safely utilize cloud services
  • Password protection best practices
  • Detect email phishing


The mLevel platform uses game-based activities and microlearning techniques:

  • Bite-sized, fun activities are proven to help users stay engaged and retain more information
  • Reduce overall cost and time to train with our ready-made mission – no work required!
  • Employees will effectively learn how to reduce vulnerabilities to your company


Our platform includes a robust analytics engine:

  • See how well your employees are comprehending the training material
  • View real-time analytics to watch progress as employees train
  • Discover a data-based ROI on your training efforts


This course is already built and ready to go – no work required. Just log in and start learning!

Our course covers email phishing, social engineering, password protection and more.

How mLevel Training Works:

  • Choose your mLevel training package based on the number of employees you want to train. Select from a monthly or annual payment plan.
  • Each user will receive login information and will be able to play their training missions on any device, anywhere.
  • Using game-based microlearning, your employees will learn and retain cyber security information quickly.


less than 500 employees

up to 100 users paid monthly up to 100 users paid annually up to 500 users paid monthly up to 500 users paid annually

500 - 10,000 employees

up to 5,000 employees paid monthly up to 5,000 employees paid annually up to 10,000 employees paid monthly up to 10,000 employees paid annually

more than 10,000 employees

up to 30,000 employees paid monthly up to 30,000 employees paid annually over 30,000 employees paid monthly over 30,000 employees paid annually

*each package is valid for 12 months for the amount of users specified. If usage exceeds package parameters, plan will automatically be upgraded to the next level. Customization, branding, LMS integration, mission building, and advance analytics are available upon request with an upgraded package.

add-on features


Do you want to incorporate your own training content or your logo, colors, and branding throughout the mission? We can help.

LMS Integration

Do you have a LMS you’d like to integrate with mLevel? We’re ready to work with you.

Single Sign-On

Make training as easy as possible for your employees and eliminate password confusion with our single sign-on feature.

Advanced Analytics

While all of our packages come with analytics, our advanced analytics will dive deeper into how well your employees are understanding the material.


mLevel Sneak Peek

Take Your Company’s Cybersecurity to the Next Level

Ever feel like you sat through cybersecurity training just to forget everything you just learned? Not this time. Using game-based activities and leaderboards, mLevel will take your training to the next level.

Employees can scroll through missions, play the games, and see how they rank among peers. All while learning the ins-and-outs of protecting the company.

Using our analytics engine, you will know which employees complete the training and how well they understand it.

Don’t risk your company’s cybersecurity – protect your business today.