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  • Ability to create one training mission
  • Access to the platform for 10 users
  • Proven increase in engagement using game-based activities
  • Full analytics suite to see learner insight
  • Email or phone support as needed
  • A glimpse into what mLevel can do for your company with microlearning and gamification

After 30 days you’ll be moved to our $49/month plan for 10 users or your plan of choice.

Offer valid for a limited time only. If you’d like to cancel your trial, please notify us 14 days prior to cancellation date. Please contact us for details.

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17 Different Game-Based Activities

Discover some of our most popular game-based micro activities

Why Gamification Works:

  • Learners will absorb information through games that are short in length, shutting out distraction
  • Leaderboards encourage friendly competition between cohorts, causing employees to keep playing until they achieve the best comprehension score
  • Employees get instant feedback while playing so they know exactly what information needs reviewing